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This company was created to provide handyman services at a reasonable cost to the Edmonton, AB area.

Maybe you have a project that you just haven't had time to get to, or maybe it's something that you've put on hold because you felt it was likely too expensive to complete at this time - either way I can help you! My hope is that I can provide people with a cost effective alternative so that these tasks or projects can be completed on time, without "breaking the bank". 

Although my experience is broad, and I can help you with many "handyman" services, I specialize in plumbing and furnace maintenance and repair. I have over 10 years of experience working  with a mechanical contractor, completing both residential and commercial projects. 

We take pride in providing excellent workmanship at reasonable rates while ensuring customer expectations and satisfaction are met.

Leaky pipes? Need new taps installed? Issues with your hot water tank? Clogged drain or sewer line? Renovations to your kitchen or bathroom?  I can help you! Whether it's a small fix, or large project, I can come in and provide you with an estimate for what you need done.

Small carpentry tasks are no problem. From a small drywall fix, to building or repairing fences and decking. Call me today.

Is your furnace not working properly? Has it given out completely? Most often furnaces do not require replacement when they fail to work. Many times its just a replacement part or quick fix that is required. I can come in and diagnose your problems quickly and give you alternatives.

Dishwasher leaking? Washer or Dryer not working? Fridge not running properly? I can come in and help diagnose the prolem and if it's viably and cost effectively fixable - it will be fixed!!!

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